Awesome JPEGs out of D90 (to those who want)

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Awesome JPEGs out of D90 (to those who want)

NO, I don't have "the magic recepie" for you guys, BUT

I can help you find one yourself All you need is:

1) D90 camera (USA or Imported
2) Capture NX (if you don't own one - download 60 days trial version from Nikon)
3) A couple of hours of time

4) A copy of your favorite picture with favorite colors from your favorite camera (other than D90)


  • Set your D90 to RAW (don't be afraid, I won't force you shooting RAW, it's just a temporary thing)

  • Go out, snap few shots. If you have another camera, output of which you adore, take it with you, snap the same shots with it too (but you don't have to)

  • Pick one shot, which you think is not good enough, which you'd expect to be a lot better

  • Open it in Capture

  • On the right hand side (in Capture), open Camera Settings section, find Picture Controls. Switch from Unchanged to Standard... try some other ones too, see whichever one gives you the best result (even if its not perfect yet)

  • Now, right underneath, click on Advanced

  • This will offer you several parameter:

+ brighness
+ contrast
+ sharpening
+ saturation
+ hue

Start playing with brightness and contrast. Then see how saturation affects things. Add sharpening according to your taste.

at this point, if you have another image of the same scene snapped with another camera - it helps to open it as well,right next to D90's shot. Comparing the two, you can adjust D90's to look as close to the other one as possible.

Once you found the setting you like the most, go to the Shooting menu of your camera, picture control and you'll find exactly the same parameters there. Set them exactly the same way you have them in Capture.

Switch your camera back to JPEG - you're all set. You'll be getting now JPEGs which will be auto-fine-tuned automatically in-camera, just like the way you wanted them to be.

Hope this helps!

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