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Re: I Think That's A Great Idea! (OT) ;-)

Brian Lund wrote:

A friend of mine has a wife who is philipineese so I've heard about
it, he even told me that they have to pay this 200% tax every 10th
year for the car, so there are virtually no old cars there!

Philipineese? Wow! That's the first time I saw that term. We are
called Pilipinos or Pinoys. As you probably know the Spaniards names
the country after their King Philippe II.

So you are Philipino, would have thought you may have been Sweedish?
And no I did not know the philipines were named after the spanish
king! Sorry English is not my native language so I may not know
something like if its called philipineese or philipino! Still I think
my english may be better than some americans...

Brian...I don't see a problem with your English.

Every 10% of the year? I didn't know that! Yes...there are
virtually no old high end cars there.

10th, not 10% And I'm not 100% sure about this, just what I've
been told!

I made a mistake! I meant 10th of the year. I still don't know about it.

The Porsche dealers here usually sell other brands too. But they do
sell their Porsches. You will see a lot of Porsche in name it...911 (993, 996, and 997 styles)...some 911
Turbo...a few 911 GT2...Boxster...Cayman...Cayenne (super
yuck!)...some old 914's...and some old 356's... I saw 2 Porsche
Carrera GT' in Newport in Beverly Hills driven by
a kid.

I've never seen a 356, except on TV, that's very cool!

In Los Angeles I have seen several of these...on different days...I just saw one today...different colors too. They are the 50's type of colors.

A porsche is not THAT rare a sight here, but it's definitly not a
common car, not even the 914 or 944... I usually see a porsche a few
times a week maybe, mainly cayenne (as a "van"), 911s or a boxter.
I hardly ever see any really high end supercars like ferraris,
lamborghinis or aston martins... Except when I travel through germany
or any country in southern europe!

In SoCal you will see lots of them especially in some areas like Beverly Hills/Bel Air, Newport Beach, Monarch Beach, Pacific Palisades...and some in Diamond Bar too.

The first super car I ever saw in America was an Aston Martin Lagonda near Washington DC back in month after I arrived here. Of course I was like "Wow!" on it. The a few weeks later I saw a white Lamborghini Countach in New Hope, PA. However, in my experience, I saw more exotic cars here in SoCal than in the east coast.

I guess most people that can afford something like a brand new
porsche here, spends the money on a high end Audi, BMW or Mercedes

Here it is mixed...

On the freeway the BMWs and the Mercedes Benzes (and the AUDIs too) are a dime a dozen. The Porsche...they are common...not a rare sight.

That's quite a lot, right now I'm at $500 a month I think, but my car
goes something like 38 MPG... Supposed to go 43.76 MPG according to
the specs but I guess I step a little to hard on it sometimes! And
90+% of my driving is to and from work.

I should start taking the train again and save on gas. I just got 2
traffic tickets in a 3 week for for staying
in the carpool's my fault of course.

I used to take the train to work, but it was as expensive as my fuel
bill and I spent more time on the train than I do in my car!
I wish we would upgrade our public transport instead of our
highways... Actually the politicians just signed a contract for a $10
billion dollar bridge that's going to span 10 miles or so.

I hope this is good news for you!

You have to be fit like Lance Armstrong, Greg LeMond, Eddie Mercks,
Miguel Indurain, or Jacques Anquetil. Hehehe!

I bet I am in worse shape than you so I definitely need a car over
there. I guess I can always buy a Trabant. They used to sell that
in East Germany before the Berlin Wall was torn down. I will be so
cool driving a Trabant in Copenhagen. Hehehe!

The trabant used to be quite common in the early 90s actually, these
days they are more rare than a porsche though! A shame actually I
liked those cars...

I wish I have a Trabant. If I see a rich girl that I like and she accepts to go on a date with me, I will surprise her and pick her up in my Trabant. It's going to be a hit or miss. She might slam the door on me...or she miight just smile, find it amusing, be a good sport and ride with me. We'll be the only ones in town driving in a Trabant.

Cheers to you Brian!

Danny Tuason

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'A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.'

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