Lens suggestions for those who like the 100 f2

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Re: Lens suggestions for those who like the 100 f2

Mine focusses fine with center point only in low light and at wide apertures. A couple of them were not quite in focus, but that may be due to my camera rather than the lens.

bronxbombers wrote:
not talking about focusing and recomposing.
subject dead center and using center point only.
it does depend upon subject distance, beyond maybe 5' or so is when
it starts getting waaay worse in terms of accuracy, the closer in the
better it does.

Zazo wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

50mm 1.4 is slow and lacking in accuracy (worst accuracy of any lens
I have used)

Not my experience. Razor thin DOF at 1.4, can't focus lock and
recompose at that aperature with consistant results, not fault of
lens, factor of aperature.

50 f/1.4 has been wonderful to me.

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