Best Monitor for Digital?

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Re: Best Monitor for Digital?

Dot pitch can simply be a matter of preference, I've seen both good and bad monitors in a range of dot pitch ratings. I would never purchase a Viewsonic, due to quality standards. I think that your best best is to check out the monitors in person if there is a computer store in your area. I really don't care for the narrow off-axis of the Apple Cinema monitors, and the pixels are too slow for video if you ever care to use it for that purpose. The Samsung LCDs look nice. It seems like the true pros in graphic design still prefer a CRT over LCD, if you have the desk space.

Oldfiend wrote:
But I steel do not understand what is better 0.26, 0.21 or 110?
Please help!

Mark Malleck wrote:
The SGI 17" flat panel is hard to beat in dpi, 110. I use one, with
the expensive multilink adapter.

Oldfiend wrote:

Dot pitch?
Nobody even mention, “Dot pitch”!
Is it really do not mean any sing in digital photography monitors?

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