Which firmware version 50D to you have?

Started Oct 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
Peter Rivard Junior Member • Posts: 40
1.0.2, bought in store in Japan, Oct. 13

FYI for folks in Japan--sometimes the big discount electronics places already have the body in stock, but they don't want to make a display until they've got the lens kits, too. Yamada Denki and Kezu Denki both didn't have it on display, but I asked and they did have them in stock (and have had them for the last week--note 50D came out on 9/26 in Japan). Price at Yamada was 146000 yen (US$1452) with tax but they give you 20% credit to use at the store (standard Japanese point system; 29200 yen = $290), for a final price of 117000 yen ($1162), which is better then the online places in Japan. Since they're the cheapest source for some computer hardware I'm going to buy soon, the points are as good as an instant rebate for me. Plus if I have crazy error 99 problems I can return it right down the street.

So far no error 99 problems, but I've only taken a couple dozen test shots around the house. I'll give it more of a workout in the next few days. Moved up from a 400D, and I'm already loving the large, bright finder and live view (easier manual focusing in very low light was my main reason for moving up; almost bought the 40D but the live view didn't quite seem ready for prime time [Phil's sample shots showing not enough brightness boost to make live view usable for MF in very low light or with DOF preview turned me off--no probs on the 50D in that, so I'm thrilled]).

Already noticing I'm not having to dial in exposure comp to get a good shot in AV mode, as I almost always had to do with the 400D. Probably no change from the 40D, but if you're thinking of moving up from the 400D, it's a big change.

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