Will this deepening financial crisis stop anyone from buying equipment?

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Re: Buying and Selling

Soenda wrote:

Your professor may have been talking about how you opted not to take
advantage of the mortgage interest deduction on your income taxes. Or
possibly about a concept called opportunity cost. If the potential
return on investment is high, and if you would have come out ahead by
investing the money instead of paying off a debt like a mortgage,
that would get a business management professor frustrated.....

Actually, his concern was in that I wasn't on the "smart money" bandwagon, utilizing the equity in my home to invest in the market. I tried to teach him how to factor risk into his analysis, and explained how little the tax deduction was actually worth (roughly a 1.1percent reduction in my rate) I've found the number of advisors giving bad advise is quite high, but then that should be obvious to all seeing just how bad the wall street boys, and their sophisticated approach have done lately. As for my money, I'm only down maybe $70k at most this year, vs having lost 40 percent or so of my net worth had I followed his plan.

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