24 hours of G10. 5 imgs +more linked. I put it through the gauntlet

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24 hours of G10. 5 imgs +more linked. I put it through the gauntlet

I've had the G10 for 24 hours now.

I've wanted a compact that would meet the standards set by the rest of my gear. That said, I'm not a pixel peeper and in my opinion picture content is all that matters when discussing image quality.

If a photo's not worth a second glance it doesn't matter how great the file is.

I spent 2 weeks with a G9 last year, and I was pretty dissapointed. It just never quite got under my skin the way I want the gear to.

G10 makes me happy. The images have clarity and are quite clean. Clean enough for my uses anyway. They retouch very well and take alot of punishment in post should you choose to bring out a bunch of shadows or crank the contrast up to eleven (aka #1). The IS is super effective, handholdable to 1 second if you've got great technique (#2). ISO 800 is very nice, and was the killer of the G9 for me (#3). Macro is clear and sharp as a tack (#5).

These are simply taken while I live my life. All ISOs, all types of shooting conditions. None with flash. About half and half Vivid/Neutral. I'll be keeping the G10 and using it in a supporting role on jobs and assignments.

Full Gallery Here: http://www.kurtstrecker.com/firstlightg10/

these are some highlights. I retouched them the way I would any other file. Little bit of curves and shadow/highlight as needed. Oddly enough, the ones that kind've look the most retouched recieved the least (#4)

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