1d3 won't focus on a bug's nose, or a flower either

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1d3 WILL focus on a bug's nose - UPDATE with pics

Thanks everybody for helping out. It's amazing what a setting change will do. The setting was:
C. FnIII: Auto focus/Drive, 8 AF expansion w/selected pt - 0:Disable
(also known as turning off the assist points)

The following are full size cuts from this afternoon. They were all taken with the f/2.8 300 with 56mm of extension tubes, no TCs this time. I did take lots of pics with TCs on both the 300 and 500, but the ones below are some of the best bug pics and they were shot without TCs.

These were cropped using PhotoShop Elements and saved with their compression level 8, so there is some deterioration from that, and it seems to me there is even more deterioration coming in from pbase, but they are still pretty good.

A bug's nose

Another nose

Bug's irridescent back

Bug fight - the one on the left chased the other one all around this flower - I got about 7 or 8 shots of the chase (bugs are goofy), and most were very good.

Once again, thanks to everyone for helping out. I'm very happy with my 1d3 now.
PCS St. Louis

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