50D Noise and Firmware

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Re: 50D Noise and Firmware

The in camera jpg at 12800 is usable, at least for newspaper print. I shot at a field Friday night that was so dark I had to use it. Didn't help with the color cycling, though.

mertmag wrote:

I don't know if the firmware has much to do with the noise in the
high ISO images. The real culprit is Adobe Camera Raw! I tested the
ACR against the Canon Photo Professional raw conversion. The Canon
converted images are very clean, even at ISO 12800! I took a shot at
12800 and converted the raw file to JPG without any adjustments. I
then took the same raw file and converted it to a DNG and opened it
in Adobe camera raw and saved it without adjustment. OMG what a
difference! The JPG converted by the Canon software was much cleaner
than the file converted by Adobe. I then put both images through Neat
Image and the Canon converted image was good enough to print a 5x7.
The image converted by ACR was unuseable.

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