X-Rite Pulse Spectrophotometer DTP20UV

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Robert Schoner Senior Member • Posts: 1,036
May depend on the driver

alanvee wrote:

Another point about Argyll - it ONLY DOES CMYK! - as in only 4 inks!
So if you are using any of the current crop of 6/7 ink printers, it
seems of little use.


In the tutorial it says that:

"Most printers running through simple drivers will appear as if they are RGB devices."

I believe that this applies to many printers like the Epson R1800 so the 4 ink limit is not relevant. But, I could be wrong; if I am somebody will chime in.

Maybe it's time for an Argyll "How to Use" thread. I did not realize how many Argyll users there are on the forum.

Bob Schoner

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