.mov movie files of CANON SX10 not compatible with Windows movie Maker

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.mov movie files of CANON SX10 not compatible with Windows movie Maker

Since I just got my new Canon SX10 this afternoon, I have been playing with it a lot and was taking videos --..

when I tried to import the video files to my windows movie maker--they are non existent!

So I thought they are not compatible-- did a google..and WMM doesn't do .mov files!

So I googled again and download a free .mov to .avi converter and I saw this free pazera software-- I converted the .mov to .avi- but I see some loss in quality of the video files--more pixelated!

Please excuse me but I am not really technically knowledgeable with compatibilities of different files and formats and what not...but this is frustrating..

I figured since My Canon G9's and my A650's (sold) video files..I can edit them in my PC's windows movie maker -i just figured that the Canon SX10 would have the same video files-- something that I overlooked before buying the camera I guess...

I installed the Cd that came with teh camera, thinkingthat they might be something there I can use, but I can't seem to find something to make the video files compatible with Windows Movie Maker.

Converting the .mov files is already a hassle that I contemplated on living with it..but with degradation of the video file after the conversion, now that just broke the camel's back.....

I like the idea of the Canon SX10--wide angle- 20x zoom..even thought my initial impression on the skin tone/IQ of the camera I was not impressed--I was learning to like them anyway...but then this "discovery"....I think I will return the Canon SX10...

DO you know of any free converting software that will not degrade the video files?
or anything better than what i found on the internet?

any help from you guys and gals?

I am sad.. I thought I already had my all in one camera...

does the G10 use the .mov files too? if so I think I will stick with my G9

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