"You must have a really good camera" [slight rant]

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some validity

Earthlight wrote:

Hi guys and gals,

I know I'm beating a horse that's been dead for nearly a century
already, but I have got to vent.

Within two days, as people look at my photos, I have heard twice the
comment "you must have a really good camera!".

What will they say once I upgrade to 5DMkII? Most of them should
probably hyperventilate immediately upon realising what an
extraordinary camera I used to capture the image.

Well, you know, how many people does it take to capture one
extraordinary photo?

The answer is 50. One takes the shot and 49 say "I could have done
it" (provided they had the same camera I suppose...).


It's the whole system that results in an image: photog, camera, processing, printing, whatever. An image isn't produced from any one component.

Most people who make comments about 'it must be a good camera' are probably comparing the results to what they've seen from P&S cameras, perhaps even camera phones. It's not just that they're taken by non photogs, but also that the IQ is more limited to start with, although the photog can make a big difference. If a large print looks better than could be obtained from a compact camera, it's a fair assumption that a good camera has been used.

The ability of the photog isn't all that goes into the quality of the final result. A good photog with a terrible camera will be limited in what he/she can produce.

I take your point about acknowledging what the photog brought to the table in order to take the photo. However, bad photogs can fluke great photos from time to time, but IQ will ALWAYS be limited without the right equipment. Sometimes it won't matter and sometimes it will, eg depending on output size, personal preferences (eg some people care less about noise and detail/sharpness than others), etc.

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Cheers John, Adelaide Australia; http://www.pbase.com/jhphoto ; Canon 50D, 40D; Fuji F100fd

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