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Re: Up-Grade to CS3,

Photoshop product manager John Nack, on his blog, has said if you bought CS3 between when Photoshop CS4 was announced (Sept 23rd) and October 15th, you get Photshop CS4 for free. But you MUST contact customer service before the 15th.

tomkatzid wrote:

I just this morning bought for $200 and up-grade to 3 from 7. Adobe
told me that when 4 comes out I can get that up-grade for free,
after just buying 3. Does that sound right? I asked him if it was
another $200 and he said no, it would be free. I also asked if I
went to a Mac what I would do. He told me for free again, that they
will download a new version of 4 for free. This all sounmds too good
to be true.

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