A year and a half with my D40 - some thoughts and a question

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Re: A year and a half with my D40 - some thoughts and a question

Hmmm, but what would you learn? It seems to me that the place to
start is to isolate what kind of pictures to want to obtain. After
you figure out what is needed lighting, subject, location,
composition -wise you need, the question of the required
electro-optical tool then ought to be easy.

And that is exactly what I'm trying to do. I've had everything, and I wanted to analyze what I used most to see not only what kind of pictures I want to obtain (I'm still not sure at this point), but what kind of pictures I took during this time.

I think the retention of the 18-200 was a good idea -- you can at
least cover a large range of focal lengths to help you figure out
your favorite focal lengths. With a bit of experiment & calculation,
you can estimate whether faster apertures will help for pics
unattainable with the 18-200.

My thought exactly. I see myself wanting something like the 70-200 f/2.8, but it would make no sense right now, even if I had the money.

I'm surprised you would bother selling the 50 mm given your interest
in subject isolation and the moderate (fair) resell price.

Fortunately for me I lost no money in the process. I thought the absence of autofocus would not bother me much, but I was wrong. With the tiny viewfinder of a D40 I got tired of it fast.

I'm also suprised that the lens you missed on your Russian trip was
your 18-200 and not your Sigma. A reason not to sell the 10-20 is
that wide angle takes some time to learn and it's pretty hard to
learn with only a 30 mm and the 18-200. It certainly would be okay to
sell the Sigma if money was an issue (and the details of your tale
suggests that it isn't), but not as an effort to simplify. You could
just not carry it if you wanted to focus on 30 mm only. I've never
understood the clean-desk mentality.

I realized that I was using the Sigma 10-20mm very rarely, mostly for interiors (cathedrals and the like). I found the distortion very interesting and got some dramatic effects I really liked, but 95% of the time I'm perfectly happy with 18mm. The fact that I didn't miss it at all helped me with the decision. The money came handy, too.

Well, this is all Monday morning quarterbacking and doesn't help with
your original question. On that, I'm afraid that others will be able
to give you better sofware suggestions. I don't do what you've
suggested doing, in part, because, if there is a question, I know
what shots I've taken are typical of what I might want to do and I
can always look them up along with their EXIF.

Yeah, I have a notion of most of the shots I made, but I thought I wouldn't mind some help with 15,000+ pictures!

Which brings me back to my original question re-phrased as: Aren't
you only going to "learn" what lens you carry most?

Of course. I had some lenses, tried them, sold whatever I didn't like or use and plan to keep learning with the lenses I enjoy most. If I had money I would buy a long tele, too - but something tells me I don't want to go there

Good luck

Thank you!

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