How to get into 2x6 (not 2x3) photography?

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Re: How to get into 2x6 (not 2x3) photography?

Michael Boniwell wrote:


I'm a 5D user with a passion for landscapes (see: ) and for some years now I've been
eyeing off very large, impressively detailed prints by other
photographers using the 1x3 ratio instead of the 2x3 to which we are
accustomed. (Ie, double the width in landscape orientation, so your
2x3 becomes 2x6). The sort of photographers I'm talking about are and the like. There are plenty of them using
this wide format.

Now I’ve tried stitching photos together, but frankly haven’t been
impressed with the results. I’m used to exposure bracketing to
increase DR. Stitching as well would mean I’d be taking a dozen shots
for every actual scene, and then they may not stitch well (subject
movement, seam lines, lens distortion issues). Basically I’ve delved
into stitching and wasn’t enjoying the experience so I started
cropping (top and tail) some of my shots to get the wide effect. You
can see some of my efforts here:

But cropping away 50% of the pixels to me leaves a bad taste in the
mouth. Plus I’ve only been able to guess during actual shooting as to
where the top and bottom boundaries might be. (Sub-question, is there
a canon focus screen that shows lines 1/4rd down from the top, and
1/4rd up from the bottom?).

So all this leading to my actual questions regarding how to get into
wide photography. With the 5DII nearly out, would 21 megapixels allow
me to crop away 50% and still get a very detailed big print? (Like a
12x36 inch), that would be close to the kind of clarity that the
aforementioned photographers are getting? Or am I dreaming, and I’d
really need something quite a bit dearer, like a Medium Format camera?

I know the sort of gear these guys are using: panoramic Fuji GX-617
professional medium format film camera with Velvia Fujichrome. I’m
spoilt by digital, can’t go back to film now. So I guess ultimately
what I’m asking is does Canon offer anything in digital that can
match that? And if not, what digital equivalent higher up the ladder
(Hasselblad?) would I need to look at, and what kind of money are we

I’ll probably never be able to afford it, but it doesn’t hurt to
dream. Thanks for any help.

I don't understand what your aversion to shooting stitched panoramas is but you could crop the 5D Mark II's output in half vertically, producing a 3:1 aspect, and it would still be 10.5 megapixel.

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