35/2 sharper than 28/1.8?

Started Oct 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
Guv Contributing Member • Posts: 779
Re: I'm thinking of trading in my 35L for the 28/1.8

Hi Eric,

Check this out:

This is an approx 100% crop on a photo using the 28/1.8 on a sunny day. Pink on green and white on anything are not easy for any lens, but this is about as bad as I’ve ever seen. This is exactly why I’m only planning to use this out of bright sunlight (indoors, low light, etc). This was either at f/4.5 or f/5.6, I can’t remember. People think CA gets better as you stop down, but this lens is at its worst, CA-wise, at f/8 I think.

The good news is that it’s correctable in DPP. I don’t have the RAW image anymore so I can’t show you a comparison shot, but being a Canon lens, Canon software is very good with it. Which is why I’m not so sad to make the switch.

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