Wireless question re: Metz 58 and FL-50R

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Re: Wireless question re: Metz 58 and FL-50R

cimman305 wrote:

For the fill in flash of the Metz, is that something that can be
emulated on the FL50R by using the Demb Flip It bounce card and
diffuser ? The bounce card throws light forward for fill in function
as well. Of course, it is not as powerfull as a dedicated fill flash
as on the Metz, but should be enough to fill out the shadow areas
caused by the ceiling bounce. At least, that is the marketing spill.
Not sure about it's effectivness in practice.

Yes, you should use these accessories to lighten/avoid shadows. But this accessory is available for Metz also (white card is built-in, bouncer is available for extra at least from OmniBounce) and still the fill-flash is available. That means more options and you should use different configurations to achieve more complex results e.g. swivel head, use white card, set wide adaptor to "middle" position (I didn't see that before) and bounce the flash using these options on the ceilings, which provides you with more diffused bounce light and still the fill-flash. In portraiture, I tried to lighten background this way (most of flash light behind the subject) and flash subject with second reflector fill-flash and it works very good once you manage the proper adjustments. That means I think Metz has more options and is more flexible for different effects, but it is also much more complex and challenging to get effect you imagine at the start. It is also must to be careful on the background when using 2nd reflector for fill-flash, because you could end up with shadows from this light source.

I would like to mention that I am not flash "advanced" user and it is quite difficult to describe some things, I could make and add few pictures of some quite special configurations possible with Metz ...

Oly Scenes wrote:

Has anyone else had similar experiences with a mixed flash group??

I could try this next time I will shoot with my friends, who own FL-36R or FL-50R, I didn't try it yet.

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