★ STF Challenge 179: INFO ★

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★ STF Challenge 179: INFO ★


The whole photography started with Black & White. What has been a technical limitation on film still has survived and you can find many strong images that have great expression just using two colors. Reducing the colors does not only mean that you loose information. At the same time the focus changes on the central parts of the image, the composition, the structure. This can work for portraits, landscape, reportage, architecture ... everything!

The challenge now is to provide b/w images. No other restriction on the content of the image. And please do not take the theme too strong, a toning (e.g. sepia) is very welcome too.

How you get there? Well this is part of this challenge. Please let us know on how you produce your b/w shots! I would like to ask everybody who posts an image to include the original color version in the demo folder. In addition a few words on your processing are highly appreciated. Please let us know whether you use the b/w function of your camera, a filter in your software, desaturation function or whatever! This will help us to learn from each other!


Challenge 179 starts on the 9th of Octember, and will end at 10:00 PM (CET) on Tuesday, the 21th of October. The current Challenge's Start Page and other relevant links are provided in the QUICKLINKS section below.


The STF Challenges Homepage is always at

The current Challenge's Start Page is at

Direct access to the current Eligible gallery (for viewing & posting) is at

Direct access to the current Exhibition gallery (for viewing & posting) is at

Entry and upload instructions are always found at


Please take a look at the next post in this thread to view the guidelines (those who already are familiar with them may want to re-read them, they've been 'updated' slightly)...

There is an additional message on some of the recent changes that were introduced in challenge 178. If you have missed that - shame on you first, but that happens - please check it out

Do not hesitate to ask questions! If you have not worked on b/w yet, this is the perfect time to start! At the it is all a matter of taste, but I can tell you, there are million ways to process an image. At the end please do not forget: the main purpose of the challenge is to have fun!


PS: Finally another word on the STF challenge. It may not be perfect, but it to many people it is good fun and a tool for improving their skills. If you have any comment or question, do not hesitate to post under this thread. We are all interested to hear your opinion and to understand what could be improved!

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