What's up with the 50d and DPP Noise Reduction?

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Re: Don't like the sound of that!

i have found that my old RAW files with Chroma noise settings from older verions of DPP to keep the information intact and applied accordingly in the newer DPP v3.5 At least so far as the number is concerned. They "appear" to be inline with what I would have targeted initially. Nice thing now is I can further increase the Chroma reduction up to say 20 which for very high ISO/pushed files, does remove what used to be remaining chroma noise I didn't like.

I suspect the higher ISO in camera reduction the 50D has vs the 40D perhaps not having is similar. I never shoot jpeg above ISO 400 so I don't mind knowing that I can do it in DPP post download.

SmokinMan wrote:
There is no NR setting in 30D RAW, there is no chrominance and
Luminance values stored in 40D and 450D(only ON or OFF), so I dont
expect DPP can pick up the values out of those RAW files.

With regard to already assigned chromi and Lumi setting on my 30D
files. Yes the DPP 3.5 can pick those values, BUT then previous
version of DPP used the scale of 10, now with 3.5 they are out of 20?
So I dont know if those saved recipe is still 100% give similar
result. have not looked into that far yet. I only have 30D files, Bo,
40D or 450D and I am pretty much exhausted evaluating all the 50D
files I download.

Decoboy wrote:


I don't like the idea that DPP 3.5 doesn't treat previous models the
same! Have posted a few times that I felt that Canon was taking a
different approach with the 50D, maybe less in camera , more in DPP.
But this is disturbing re previous models.

Question, have you tried this on say a 40D that you had changed the
'recipe' in previous DPP? This should have been stored in the file
and thus used by DPP 3.5, if not this is very bad news for people
wanting to re-use previous CR2 files - there will be a huge stink if
3.5 proves not to be able to use previous recipes.

For the other readers -the link below also has all the default 50D
settings by Canon, notice the ISO 100's they are all the same except
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