50D vs. XTi = IQ tie

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Why downsizing, and why jpeg qual.7...?

Johns a geek wrote:

The second series was of the sun-backlit leaves of a coleus plant. I
shot at ISO1600, to see how high-ISO would look under brighter
lighting. I also wanted to see the effects of post-processing nr. I
also tried downsampling the 50D data to match the XTi data. ie, I
took a 960x720 crop from the 50D and exported it as a 800x600 jpg.

What you should do is 100% crop, not a downsampling. No matter your final image destination is. Or if you want to try to compare the same size image, it's better be straight from the camera, I believe.

All pp was done with DPP 3.5.0. I checked that all settings were set
to 0 or off, to leave the data as raw off the camera as possible. I
also copied the 'recipe' and pasted it to all the sample images, so
that even if something was being done, it's been applied evenly
across all the images. All the test images were exported from DPP as
quality 7 jpg.

Have u ever tried researching how different jpeg compressions lead to different IQ...? Like the previous commenter, why not qual.10? It is where you start difficulties in finding compression artifacts.

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