50D vs. XTi = IQ tie

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Re: 50D vs. XTi = IQ tie

You're right, of course. I didn't say that well. I'm not trying to do mathematical analysis here, because I'm sure dpreview will take care of that soon enough. In plain English: I see noise from the 50D to be about as disruptive to my photo as noise from my XTi is, even when the 50D image is downsampled to the equivalent size. This holds true for ISO400 to 1600.

I'm no pp expert. My method for dealing with noise is to shoot at the lowest ISO I can! But after some DPP noise removal on the files from the 50D and downsampling them to XTi resolution, the difference is pretty subtle.

dbm305 wrote:

Johns a geek wrote:

To my eye, the output from the two cameras seems quite similar, both
in terms of per-pixel noise, and in terms of resolution-independent
noise. I welcome any comments.

They can't be that similar in both terms, since if they are the
same per-pixel then the 50d must be a little better at the image
level. But that's compatible with not being noticably better on some
images (and likely so at 1600 ISO which is a s high as the 450d goes)

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