50D - DPP vs ACR/Lightroom Noise Reduction

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Re: 50D - DPP vs ACR/Lightroom Noise Reduction

According to Scott Kelby, and in my experience, the NR in v2.0 of Lightroom is far better than the first version.

Of course, we're yet to see whether LR's 50D processing is as "good" as DPP's.

For me, the problem with DPP has always been about the lack of polish in the interface, and the lack of true workflow management tools. LR wins this hands-down.

If you want to get a good NR workflow, and you're not happy with the one in LR, then create a droplet and use Nik DFine, NN, NI or NW. They are dedicated tools for noise reduction, and will probably give you much more than either DPP or LR anyway.


srfjmm wrote:

There have been a lot of interesting posts regarding this topic...
mostly stating that ACR does a bad job applying NR to 50D raw images.

I've never used DPP - been a big Lightroom user since it came out.
My question is this: to get proper NR using Lightroom, is it just a
matter of adjusting the amounts of NR applied? or is it that the NR
system in Lightroom doesn't work as well as DPP? Is it amount
appplied or the process each app uses?

I guess I'm hoping I can stick with Lightroom with a little more
tweaking to get the results I need.


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