Which Nikon DSLR Disappointed You That You Own?

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Kim Letkeman
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wow ... so similar to mine ...

Steve wrote:

Nikon Coolpix 950 - 2 yrs - great camera but terible shutter lag and
red eye.

Totally agree ... had the 990 ... wonderful IQ for the times, really dated now. Still have it ... maybe I can get 50 bucks for it, after paying $1400 back in the day

Olympus E100RS - 1.5 yrs - excellent fast action camera (15 fps) with
Canon 10X OS zoom but with electronic viewfinder. Excellent outdoor
sports camera but only 1.5mp and high noise ISO400 and above.

Nope ... none of these. Went to the Fuji F10 and F11 in 2005 ... still have both. F11 is a super concert cam ... still waiting for a better one to come along.

Canon Rebel (300x) - 2 months - lousy AF, stupid menus and cheaply made.

My brother-in-law's wife has the 350D ... I credit that for piquing my curiosity and causing me to get the D70s ... I am so glad she had that cam

Nikon D70 with 18-70mm - 3 yrs - I was in heaven. Quick response
camera like Olympus above but with better autofocus, optical
viewfinder, better high ISO and 6mp. Life doesn't get any better
except missing 15 fps on special occasions.

Nikon D70s - still using as second camera - purchased after walking
into a post in Paris (broke the on/off switch on D70) and not having
a backup :(.

I went straight to the D70s ... wow. Still have it as second cam. But ... 6mp just doesn't do it for me any more ... I know that's wrong thinking, and I cannot help it

D2Hs for a little less than a year. Superb camera ... really. Just missing one thing ... resolution. Just couldn't quite push it the way I wanted to. And it was a little big for a travel cam

Nikon D300 - WOW. The perfect camera.

Ended up here too ... took a bath on the D2Hs to get this thing ... and no regrets. Awesome cam.

Next ... D90 replacing the D70s to back up the D300? D700 to replace the D300? D60 replacement as the perfect travel cam? Time will tell ...

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