P&S Sharper than Canon DSLR!

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Re: Put a decent prime on the Canon DSLR

Jonathan Demarais wrote:

IanSeward wrote:

Results like these prove a
decent quality compact at its lowest sensitivity can deliver superior
results to a DSLR when coupled with a budget lens."

Except that P&S images always at any ISO look horrible on close
inspection. Posting to the web, or printing 4x6 is ok.

There is no clear difference between compacts and DSLR's. Compacts (excluding the Sigma DP-1) come in all different shapes and sizes with sensor sizes from 1/2.5" to 1/1.6" (or up to 2/3" if we count older compacts as well). At low ISOs and low contrast scenes compacts can produce quite good images. I would not say superior to DSLR, but certainly equal to DSLR with an average or below average lens.

As for 4x6 -- a good quality 4x6 print is possible with a 2 MP camera as others have noted. At high ISO or with high contrast scenes compacts will of course still suck, but let's face it: at ISO 800 most modern compacts can still produce a usable 4x6. Certainly the ones with a larger than 1/2" sensor. The results would be even more usable if one could tone down the noise reduction, which is unnecessary when the image is downscaled for full-screen web viewing or 4x6 prints (about 2 MP or 1600 x 1200 pixels in both cases) . Noise reduction in compacts exists largely for the benefit of misguided reviewers who view the images at 100%.

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