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Re: Filters We Need With Digital - A couple of others?...

A Great Summary, Joe!

I'd just like to mention a couple of others that "might" be useful [related to the ones you mentioned].

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Two - The 80A "Color Balancing" Filter

Related to this, I might suggest also having a "FL-D" [fluorescent to daylight] filter in your kit. Many fluorescent tubes [cheap, cool-white, "shop lights"] have a green peak in their spectral output. You "can" fix this in Photoshop by using a magenta photo filter layer, but I find that using the FL-D filter on the camera tends to give better results.

Three – The Neodymium Enhancing Filter

Definitely! [a.k.a. "redhancer", "rare earth filter", etc.]

I'd just like to note that Hoya also makes a "green field enhancer" and a "blue field enhancer" in addition to the "red" enhancer. Hoya is the only one that makes these other two field enhancers; you might find them as useful as I have for certain subjects.

Seven - The "Strong UV" Filter.
Eight - The “IR Blocking Filter” ["Hot Mirror" filter]

Related to these two, Heliopan makes a "Digital" filter that blocks both strong IR and UV. I find this one useful when working with subjects where there is a stronger than normal IR and/or UV component in the spectrum that "needs to be dealt with". Examples I've run across are when doing closeup/copy work with hot lights [need additional IR/Hot-Mirror filtering] and when I'm doing still life setups with supplementary UV lighting to highlight fluorescent materials.

I've found that the Heliopan "Digital" filter serves both these functions well in a single "band pass" filter.

Just wanted to add these thoughts to your excellent post.
Thanks again, Joe!

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