The Filters We Need With Digital...

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Not Again!!!

Bob Sal wrote:

A more complete list of filters for digital cameras would be:

1: UV filters. The optics and sensors in a digital camera do not
completely block all UV and a loss of sharpness due to UV rays as
well as the bluish tints in distance scenes (especially at altitude)
are eliminated by using a UV filter.

This is the same nonsense you were peddling back in January:

Yet you were NEVER able to tell the difference between two slide photos, taken under the ozone hole no less, one with a UV filter, the other without. Not knowing in advance which was which was the problem you had.

The stuff you are saying is very very old: film has changed to resist UV and digital sensor assemblies block UV. That doesn't even include the UV being blocked by the optics themselves.

UV filters are fine for those who want "protection." Their effect on UV light is useless.

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