Gap redefined Ad lighting

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Well, in terms of terms...

Specularity (contrast)

I would argue that "specularity" is not "contrast" and that specularity is a characteristic of subject reflectance, not light. No light will create specular reflections from a tennis ball, but a cut diamond can create specular reflections from any light.

However, the title of this topic is "Gap redefined Ad lighting," and I would contend that while certainly giving Leibovitz her kudos for the quality of her work, the "single broad light" concept is not "redefined" by the Gap ads.

I would also point out that not all of this series of ads has been done by Leibovitiz, and that the majority of them are done by bounce-umbrella, rather than her recently favored "Jumbarella" (as I mentioned before, you can find YouTube videos showing the creation of some other images from this Gap campaign).

However, all of them are done with the "single broad light." To be sure, over the last 50 years fashion photographers have used different devices as their "single broad light," and we can pick nits all day long on the relatively minor differences between them...

...but when we're just picking nits, we can't say that the lighting has been "redefined."
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