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Apple can be cheaper, relly!

springbock wrote:

f_stops wrote:

I skipped the Vista 'upgrade' and went with a MacPro last year.
Actually $800 less then a comparatively configured Dell PC. Had to
fork over a little more for the software conversion. No regrets.

This I really find hard to believe! Please give me more details.

I wanted a very portable 13.3" Notebook with a C2D CPU with 4MB cache, not the crippled versions with 1 or even 0.5 MB.

I had the choice between an ASUS for 1600 Euro, a Sony Vaio for 1700 and a Macbook for 1300. The ASUS and teh Sony have 3d graphics by NVidia or ATI which I don't need on a Notebook, so I got the Mac.

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I wanted a better viewfinder and now I need more money

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