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RAW coming and thoughts on .jpg out of the camera

Well - with regard to the jpgs out of the camera, I'll stand behind the decision as I was examining what the cameras would generate as JPG files straight from the camera w/out any "switched on" type of NR... yes - there may be default routines enherant w/ each ISO and they may vary between ISOs and from camera to camera, but that (IMHO) is the reason to compare the differences. I'm looking at what each camera produces - without jumping through the "RAW hoop" to get the image. Along the line that lots of shooters just shoot JPG.

As for the RAW settings - I am again going to run w/ the default NR settings that are defacto for the DPP processing of Canon RAW files... again the thought is to see what the "baseline" is that Canon engineers have come up with.

The one thing I did notice, and will comment on in my post - is that the sharpening of 3 seemed to help in the JPGs, I think it causes excess noise at higher ISOs. I've processed the high ISOs w/ sharpmess of 3 and 0.

Thanks for the thoughts and I'll post to DPReview forums when the blog post is up.

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