"Best" 40D NR Workflow?

Started Oct 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 8,834
Dinny -

No question - there are times when you have to push-process so much that the result is horrible noise, noise which can't be handled by even the finest NR program. Your original seems to have a tremendous amount of chroma noise, and I've never found a NR program which handles that ideally. What I do is to remove as much of the luminance noise and (hopefully) some of the chroma noise with my regular NR program, and then use a careful amount of gaussian blur on the worst of the chroma noise.

The last writer pointed out the importance of using your own noise profiles. Also, I can't think of a time when I found the default settings of a NR program to be satisfactory. In NN, for ISO 1600 with my Canon 20D (or for ISO 400 with my G9), I will most often use a strength of 3 to 5, and a smoothness of 4 to 5, out of a possible 20 of each. More than that usually does blur the finest details.

Last thing - do your NR on a separate layer, create a layer mask, and then paint in your NR selectively, using the strongest opacities in the darker areas (where there usually isn't important detail anyway) and lesser opacities, or no NR, in the lighter areas. Once you get used to doing it this way, it's really quite quick.


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