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Re: G10: field experience

Kurth, ask you your question, please.

kurth wrote:

"field experience" ?? That was a misnomer ! I don't see any
experiencing going on what-so-ever . Why did you post this , if
that's all you're requiring out of a g10 ?

(Then why did you read it ?)

No, not really. I'd like

1. All scenic modes to be removed.
2. Video to be removed.
3. Noise reduction OFF Custom function or Button to be added.
4. Bigger viewfinder.
5. Neck strap to be removed (it's big pocket or belt camera).
6. Swivel LCD to be returned.
7. F2-F2.5 to be back (even for the sake of the size).

Maybe something else, I just don't know yet. Of course faster focusing, but that's just given.

I 'm also interested in replacing my clunky f31fd . Totally agree
about the fuji design fiasco , but I often print f31 images to 16x24
inches and they look great at iso400 and below .

I agree, there is nothing wrong with the quality of F30:


or D200 (and F30):


Because you make Fine Prints your Field experience is broader than mine: you are interested in Dark (Light) Room, in more formal IQ analysis.
Just wait for the Review on this site. I'm sure it'll be soon.

If thats' all I
would be requiring out of my camera is good looks then i would have
just bought a g7, and saved 200 bills . Any p&s on the market would
satisfy your needs of producing casual 8x10s' w/o difficulty.

You have already answered: If that's all -YOU- need.

-I- need G10


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