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Re: Thanks, and about the "The Neodymium Enhancing Filter"

Thanks for explanation. How to use this filter? How to set white balance not to be in conflict with this filter?

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

rc53 wrote:
Indeed, but I've never heard of

The Neodymium Enhancing Filter

Could you expand, please?


The Neodymium Enhancing Filter was born about 25 years ago, in the
suburbs of Detroit. It's the brainchild of local glass chemist Howard
G. Ross. Here's something he wrote about it a long time ago.

Basically, neodymium has a very "irregular" absorption spectrum. It
absorbs small bands of colors, and lets other bands through unharmed.
The band that has the "enhancing" effect is yellow-orange part of the
spectrum. That color is common to virtually all plant pigments. Like
any color that's common to several things, if you can eliminate it,
you increase the differences between those things. In the case of
plant colors, eliminating the common yellow-orange makes all the
other colors look more lively, and many colors that were "masked" by
the yellow-orange are now visible.

There's two downsides to this filter. First, if you white balance for
good looking plants, the blue sky will be fine, but you get magenta
clouds, so it's not suited for mid day when there are pretty clouds
in the sky. At sunset, it does the same thing to clouds that it does
to plants, some seemingly identical orange clouds will "divide" into
reddish clouds and yellowish clouds, and the sky gets more dramatic.

Second, it tends to push red flowers even farther into the red, so
deep red flower, such as certain roses, may look oversaturated and
lacking in subtle tonal variations or texture. Not really a problem
with wild flowers, though.

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