The Filters We Need With Digital...

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Re: In fact , all the old favorite still work fine

Franka T.L. wrote:

And its not just those that get mentioned. I frequently work with
color filter on my DSLR ( and not just for B&W ).

The motto is that

  • A filter modify the light and scene before it even get into the lens

  • PS or any post processing modify the image after the Development (


  • You cannot exactly replicate one with the other, although one can

emulate somewhat

  • filter can provide a modification to the shooting which PS cannot (

typical case being the ND in brightly lited situation )

That is the beauty of the creative ability that digital and analog allow. You can create by using whatever allows you to get the final result that you desire.

Although the market for traditional B&W filters and warming and cooling filters is drastically reduced today as is the market for special effects filters and lenses like the Softar.

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