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Re: well then...

davidrm wrote: would be a completely different lens.

And you'd be whining that it costs too much.
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That may be a different lens, but I wouldn't hesistate in purchasing it if Olympus released that instead. Don't assume too much about me and my ability to whine.

AnandaSim wrote:

JonathanJK wrote:

I'd be all over that lens if it was 3 stops faster and without a
moving aperture! Shame it isn't.

Hi Jonathan,

I don't know how much uwa shooting that you do, I've had mine since
May. And as I would say, still learning about it.

I find that the 7mm runs out of comfortable DOF at f/8. It's not that
the sharpness is poor - the lens is a really sharp lens. But lower
than f/8, I haven't shot scenes that I enjoy.

Next thing is the curvature of the front element and the size of the
lens. The 9-18 is a much smaller lens. The 7-14 front element is
really obvious and it still is only f/4 to go any bigger, the lens
and the cost and the weight will be big. The 9-18 is a lot cheaper I
think than my 7-14mm - you can't get low price, large aperture,
filter in the front, small dimensions as far as I can see.

Look at the competition:
They are all about f/4

Ken's photo:

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I'm a practising photojournalist so I while I want the wide angles I also want the high f-stops as well. My mistake is comparing this lens to the Canon 16-35mm f2.8.

At the moment I'm using my 24mm focal length on my 12-60 SWD for those reasons.

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