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Re: Tom Hogan Reviews D700

Thom Hogan wrote:

People who've read my writing for awhile know that I believe that the
camera companies need to be more proactive in publishing road maps of
where they expect to take their platforms.

Yep, and that's why i was quite suprised with your statement about a900

However, in the case of the A900, Sony was too specific about the
product, which is my point. Had Sony just shown the prototype body
and said "we'll have a higher resolution full-frame body" that would
have been enough. To very early on state that it would be US$2995 and
24mp was the mistake. The 24mp would have been difficult to hide
(certainly from Nikon) for long, but the US$2995 gave both Nikon and
Canon chances to put products into position defensively.

First, your point of view is/was different than Sony alpha users :).

Since Sony took over KM there was a strong lack of confidence about what sony will provide especially between old minolta users that are still the primary target for a900 (unlike low end models). Sony didn't really had any alternative than showing the mock up and sensor size was known for different reasons.

Second, the price was never revealed before the announcement. Only some leaks and rumours have been close to the price but at the same time significantly higher prices were circulating as well. As someone who has been familiar with a900 development (and target price) i can confirm that most have thought it will be more expensive. Even when d700 was released many have stated that 3000$ was too low to expect for 25MP and in body stabilization.

And then, finally there was a price correction few weeks before announcement, again it was not known to the public.

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