This is my story - looking for adivce :)

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John wood Senior Member • Posts: 1,662
Re: John

Perigon wrote:

Beautiful picture - thanks for posting it. That gives me hope that
someday I may get a shot like that.

I took that shot in Italy earlier in the year,we're cyclists and the TZ2 is a great camera to carry on the bike.

We were riding a 15mile climb when about 7mls into it I spotted the Marble White by the roadside,so i stopped quickly menu'd the spot focus and shot it whilst holding the camera at arms length,the temprature was 35degC and my heart was thumping from the exertion of the heat and the cycling but it was a bright and sunny day so I was able to get a fast shutter speed.

I mention this not to brag about how good a photographer I am (which I'd put myself as mediocre) but to show how good the camera is, and is cabable of some seriously good shots when used right.The trick is to get to know the camera inside out IMO,once that is sorted your photography will improve immediately.

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