The Filters We Need With Digital...

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With all respects...

With all respects and attention to your recommendations, I observe, that many very experienced photographers do not experiment with the filters at all. They accept the "naked truth" as it is coming from the light and technology.

In analog times they never used even a light-orange to enhance the sky, because they saw how it affects contrast, and tonality of greens ( in b&w - of course).

With critical relations of the sensor and optics resolution today, I would be very very careful. Most filter vendors still offer a huge selection of filters designed 10 -20 years ago. You must see a ctrong and credible note, stating that the filter matches today's standards of resolution. Even ND (neutral density) filter intended to protect your lens against elements, may actually ruin it's critical properties, costing you a grand extra.

Do I discourage anybody to experiment with any filters? Not at all. Play with Cokin, pantyhose, and vaseline. Just know, what you are doing.

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