Shadow Noise and detail 20d vs 50d ISO 100

Started Oct 5, 2008 | Discussions thread
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David Henneman Regular Member • Posts: 167
Shadow Noise and detail 20d vs 50d ISO 100

I'm wondering if my 20d sensor is defective, or I'm expecting too much. I used to bracket all of my landscape shots that require wider DR than the camera will handle. Somehow along the way I got disabused of that notion for the argument that shooting in RAW, you don't need to bracket because RAW gives you the ability to adjust 2 stops either way in computer. I've since learned otherwise will go back to bracketing in RAW. Having a 50d on order, I want to show you this and get your opinion.

The 1st screenshot is from LR without any adjustments. Note the histogram, ISO 100, f/16, 1/40th sec exposure.

This screenshot shows after my LR adjustments:

Now here's 100% crop of the shadow area. Yeccchhh!

Here's how it cleaned up with NR and a little gaussian blur. Still not satisfactory to my standards.

Am I expecting too much or do you think my sensor is defective? Does the 50d render cleaner shadows?
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