Photokina Interview with Canon

Started Oct 5, 2008 | Discussions thread
Virvatulet Contributing Member • Posts: 880
bibi0012, Photokina Interview with Canon

I don't know what one should say? It is and it has been very clear that the camera manufacturers' engineering departments are well aware of the stupidness of unlimited megapixel race.

Hey some of those people are immensely brilliant scientists who truly understand what they are doing and they cry every time when more megapixels are "needed".

Unfortunately it is the marketing departments who have the last word to say and dictate the product development. And those marketing people usually don't even consider photography as their hobby; that would interfere with their understanding of uneducated masses and behaviour. These guys are not real professionals, they always choose the easiest way doing their work no matter what the consequences would be.


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