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Re: You would "upgrade" to a crop camera for wildlife.

Absolutely. Just like switching between SUV and roadster, neither is upgrade or down grade. Too bad "full frame" has been considered to equal "high end" in many people's mind. A lot of money has been wasted (or made in camera manufacturers' perspective) because of that.

J A K wrote:

Look, I'd shoot landscapes with a FF body if Canon made better WA
glass. The compromise I've made is to shoot using a 1.26X crop
(1DmkII) and a 17-40. Everybody has different needs and should
choose equipment accordingly; fortunately we can do that today. If
my crop camera bodies broke down tomorrow and the only option was FF
I can guarantee that this would be major downgrade (for me), and I
mean major.

Back in the film days I remember my absolute frustration when using
K25 for landscapes on a windy day ... I just couldn't get the shutter
speed fast enough to mitigate image motion blur. Today I have a lot
of choices ... lots of options that vary from good to good and back
to good again. Now, if you live in an area that does not have a lot
of windy days then motion blur won't be a major factor for you;
that's great because it affords you a lot of flexibility. I
unfortunately live in a windy area ... actually, windy days are great
... if it wasn't windy here in the desert during the summer we would
all die.

Anyway, all I tried to do is point out that there are compromises
(e.g. aperture for a given DOF) to consider if a FF buy is an option
on the table. FF is the right option for some folks but not all;
honestly, I don't see how anybody can argue otherwise.


Joe Kurkjian



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