35mm scaners...which?

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Re: 35mm scaners...which?

I have an Epson V750 Pro and a Konica/Minolta 5400/II, and the latter is MUCH better. It's not just sharpness; the colours on the K/M look way superior - cleaner and more varied, with a brilliant vibrancy that makes the Epson's colour look dull and flat. Since getting the K/M a year or so back, I've gone back and re-scanned all the negs I scanned with the Epson - the difference is THAT big.
Here's a couple of comparison scans - the first is from the V750

And the one below is from the KM-5400

The KM 5400/II produces good results faster and more easily than the Epson - you don't need to tweak the image nearly as much.

I actually find scans from 35mm negs via the 5400/II beat the results I get from medium format via the V750. The poorer D-Max and soggy colour of the Epson are serious limiting factors. To get top-quality MF scans you need to go to something like the Nikon Coolscan 9000 - but that costs £2500...

J M Hughes

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