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You would "upgrade" to a crop camera for wildlife.

Look, I'd shoot landscapes with a FF body if Canon made better WA glass. The compromise I've made is to shoot using a 1.26X crop (1DmkII) and a 17-40. Everybody has different needs and should choose equipment accordingly; fortunately we can do that today. If my crop camera bodies broke down tomorrow and the only option was FF I can guarantee that this would be major downgrade (for me), and I mean major.

Back in the film days I remember my absolute frustration when using K25 for landscapes on a windy day ... I just couldn't get the shutter speed fast enough to mitigate image motion blur. Today I have a lot of choices ... lots of options that vary from good to good and back to good again. Now, if you live in an area that does not have a lot of windy days then motion blur won't be a major factor for you; that's great because it affords you a lot of flexibility. I unfortunately live in a windy area ... actually, windy days are great ... if it wasn't windy here in the desert during the summer we would all die.

Anyway, all I tried to do is point out that there are compromises (e.g. aperture for a given DOF) to consider if a FF buy is an option on the table. FF is the right option for some folks but not all; honestly, I don't see how anybody can argue otherwise.


Joe Kurkjian



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