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You got it,

At 10mm on 1.6crop and 16mm on FF it's not enormous, but it is obvious. Have you ever seen the difference between a 4x5 using a 90mm compared to a FF using a 50mm? (this is the approx equivalent as the focal plane distance is different to a 35mm/FF/1.6 crop camera?

The focal plane (sensor) is the same distance on a 1.6/1.3/FF because they all need to use the same lenses. Focal length always effects perspective -(with the same focal plane distance). You know this - a 100mm lens collapses the perspective compared to a 50mm on the same camera - objects in the background look closer. It doesn't matter if you crop the 50m to the same size as the 100mm as all you 'lose' is the FOV- the perspective is still different.

If you still have a 35mm film SLR, try sticking a zoom on both, and adjust the zoom to frame the same area of a room - you'll see the difference in the viewfinder.

It is more obvious when shooting interiors. I should note though that it is not as great with the 10-22 as they have in fact pushed the lens into the body - changing the distance to sensor a little but not enough to fully overcome the focal length difference.

Don't get me wrong, I think the 10-22 is a brilliant lens, very good value. I love it

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