Is 40D much better accurate focusing than xsi?

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Steve Dudley Senior Member • Posts: 1,131
Re: So, how long are you going to keep this up...

HappySnappy wrote:
I gave it 2 out of 4 because it does seem to work better with the
cheaper kit 55-250IS zoom and is not really an issue if not using
shallow depth of field shots. I've taken plenty of landscape shots
which were fine.

Steve Dudley wrote:

You have still not answered my question. Why would you do nothing
about a camera that would not get one shot in focus of some bird
shots you took ? . Why would you give it two out of four for AF
performance when really it deserved a big zero ?

THW is only looking at the issue from his perspective as someone who
can probably pop out after work etc and test the came with lots of
shots. I however am not in this position being a wheelchair disabled
and requiring a carer everytime I want to leave the house - this
translates into me leaving the house once every 10 days or more.

It also means that when I test a camera instead of a few hours it can
take weeks before I have another opportunity. The store knows my
situation and that's why I've been given so much time.
Weight is an issue, I use a Lowepro flight bag that sits over my legs
between the arms of the wheelchair and a safety strap that goes
around my back. The heavier the bag the harder it is to turn the

It's entirely up to you but I think you should upgrade to a more
professional model . If you have L lenses then weight should be no
issue .
THW is right to a certain degree going on about it ad infinitum
ain't going to fix it but if you have a focus issue and you want to
live with it well do that but telling every one won't fix it and the
holy grail you seem to think will fix it may never come.

But look at the original posters question; I just answered it
accurately from my own experience and with reference to using a 300D
since it's release but because my reply had negative info there's an
issue. If we follow that line what's the point of the poster even

Thanks for your response and your frankness and I trust none of my comments were in anyway insensitive because of my ignorance of your life situation.

As I said if you are happy with the performance that's fine I just know that if I had taken a heap of photos and not one was in focus I would do something about it. I have found no difference whatsoever in the AF ability of the 450D with either my kit or L lenses. Weight is an issue for a number of people and I steered away from the 40D for that reason however after adding a battery grip I wonder at times why.

I took some photos the other day of my daughters dog with my 70-200 . The dog was moving from the shade of a patio to open sunlight and it was difficult to keep up with his movements. I got some really nice images and some failures. Each of the failures I could see why the camera failed and in most cases it was a slow shutter speed not capturing the action. What I am saying is so many times people point to poor Af when it is just not its a slow shutter speed .

You seem to have a good relationship with the camera store perhaps you should seek their advice
All the Best

Steve D

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