"Best" 40D NR Workflow?

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"Best" 40D NR Workflow?

While this is a hot topic at the moment, can I ask what is the best way of reducing noise in 40D images?
In trying to pre-empt some questions:

I shoot some soccer games under rubbish floodlights sometimes. My usual settings are ISO3200, Large fine jpeg, centre weighted, AI Servo, using a Sigma 120-300 @f2.8 and pushing for shutter speeds over 1/100s occasionally using EC as much as -1 stop to hit it.

Normally in-camera NR is off as it slows down the burst rate to just 6, although I did a game last night with it on and some of them don't look too bad.

The main purpose of the shots is for the web, with maybe an odd print here and there.

1. Should I shoot a different size or RAW to start with?

2. Which software offers the best NR process? NI and NN2 sometimes really seems to soften the images so much that once the noise is cleaned up, it's unusable anyway.

Any suggestions guidance much appreciated.

I'm using CR3, LR2, have NeatImage and Noise Ninja 2.
Got the toolkit, but just struggling to find the best method of application.



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