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Perspective better with FF

Hi Antoine,

I have both a FF and the 50D (just sold the 40D)

The 10-22 is a great lens however there appears to be a misunderstanding regarding FOV.

I assume you know that a 50mm on FF produces an image with perspective very similar to the human eye? It does not of course have the same FOV - however if you stitched a series of these together it would look very 'real' or normal to the viewer. Hence why a 50mm is often called a 'normal' lens.

Thus my 10-22 does not produce as pleasing an image as my 16-35 on the FF - although the image encompasses the same scene, and is taken from the same location. The perspectives are different. And if I could use a 45mm lens on a medium format it would look even better - finally I could lug around a big old large format... Of course medium format is a long way behind 35mm in user features and portability/ expense.

As the 50D and the 5DII are essentially the same in size and weight - the only question is price. Otherwise the FF will always be the better option for landscapes, interiors or any WA application.

PS - distorting the image afterwards to change the perspective is always a 2nd rate solution.


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