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Re: thom! please! more clues!

Anthony Medici wrote:

Would the three PC-E lenses cover the image circle of the new sensor?
(Obviously, without shifting or tilting.)

They have larger imaging circles, yes, but the throat may restrict the actual image circle that gets to the sensor (I haven't measured it, but it looks tight).

However, as someone else noted, this could be why we got a 45mm PC: If you just strip out the PC part and put the new MF lens mount on it, you've got a new WA lens already designed. Thus, the 24, 45, and 85 lens designs could be easily repurposed for whatever MF idea Nikon might pursue (the designs should work up to 48mm wide or so). This would explain why we got the PC designs before some redesigns of FX lenses, but if Nikon were to tell users "we did the 45mm PC-E before the 50mm f/1.4 AF-S because we needed the optics for MF" a LOT of Nikon users would blow a fuse, I think.

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