This is my story - looking for adivce :)

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This is my story - looking for adivce :)

Hi Everyone

Here is my story: I have a real interest in photography but I seem to be somewhat “photo challenged”. I have had several digital cameras but end up giving them to my sons (I have 8 sons and they all seem to need a camera and mom is a sucker and coughs hers up). I seem to settle on liking either Panasonic or Fugi. My last camera that went to college with a son was a Fuji F20 – it was a real sweet little camera. In the meantime I got a Fuji S700 as it had good reviews and fit my budget. I wanted a smaller camera that I could easily carry in my purse or bag and the Panasonic TZ4/5 seemed to fit what I was looking for. However, my husband just recently had heart surgery so a new camera was out of the picture.

Well, my husband, who is a sweet heart, surprised me with the Panasonic TZ5 a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes life is funny and at about the same time, my oldest son and his wife just recently got a new digital camera so they gave me back the Panasonic FZ7 that I had given them when my granddaughter was born. So here I am with 3 nice cameras and I need to learn how to actually use them. I am really intrigued by macro photography. My plan is to keep the TZ5 and Ebay the other 2 and save up for either the Panasonic FZ28 or the Fuji S2000HD (I especially like the longer zoom on the FZ28). The Fuji S700 is larger to carry around than the TZ5, has the same digital zoom and less pixels, so for a larger camera to carry around I would like either the FZ28 or the S2000, but as I said I really need to learn how to use them before investing in anything more.

I see just beautiful pictures taken by all three of these cameras. I can’t for the life of me seem to be able to get a very decent picture. I have tried macro photography with the TZ5 and have had so-so results. I can’t get it to focus on bugs and such when it is in macro mode and I am close to the subject. I lose the shot trying to get it to focus. The Fuji seems to take fairly decent macro photos. Here are is a macro picture of a bee and elderberries, 1 taken with the TZ5 and the other with the S700. I tried and tried and could not get the TZ5 to focus at all.

Bee - Fuji S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Bee_FujiS700.jpg

Bee - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Bee_PannytZ5.jpg

Elderberries - Fugi S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Macro2_FujiS700.jpg

Elderberries - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Macro2_PannytZ5.jpg

We were camping and my husband put a bird feeder outside the kitchen window so I could get some bird shots. The TZ5 did far better on these shots – I had macro on and zoomed in and it had no problem with focus issues. The Fuji on the other hand could not seem to focus in Macro mode and zoom in from the distance that I was from the feeder which was probably only 4-5 feet (could have been taking the picture through a window threw it off). I actually don’t think either of the pictures are very good and I think it is probably from taking them through a window.

Bird - Fuji S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Bird_FujiS700.jpg

Bird - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Bird_PannyTZ5.jpg

Here are a couple of landscape pictures – I tried to capture the same scene with both the TZ5 and the Fugi. The TZ5 was set on IA and the Fuji on Auto. The battery was dead on the FZ7 so I did not get any pictures with it.

Landscape - Fuji S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Landscape_FujiS700.jpg

Landscape - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Landscape_PannyTZ5.jpg

Water Tower - Fuji S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/WaterTower_FujiS700.jpg

Water Tower - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/WaterTower_PannyTZ5.jpg

Here is a picture of the moon that I took. The first is with the Fuji S700 on a tripod with a setting that my husband set for me – I think it was aperture that he set.

The second was taken with the TZ5 and it can’t really be compared to the S700 pic. It was on a different day and I snapped it out of the window of the car sitting at a stop sign, but I thought it turned out pretty good for just a quick snapshot.

Moon - Fuji S700 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Moon_FujuS700.jpg

Moon - Panasonic TZ5 's%20Pictures/DPReview/Moon_PannyTZ5.jpg

I did no processing, just brought them into Windows Picture Manager and changed the size.

I hope no one thinks that I am a "Fuji Troll" these are just the cameras that I have. I really am interested in learning and in learning to use settings other than Auto. I really do like the TZ5 and am really leaning toward the FZ28 for the future.

Anyway thanks for reading through this rather long post and any comments on what I am doing wrong and how I can improve are much appreciated.

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