Salgado shoots digital

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Re: Salgado shoots digital

RobertSigmund wrote:

Thank you. The topic is interesting.
Forte Films? Correct me if I am wrong: Forte was, a long time ago,
the Hungarian subsidiary of Kodak. They changed their name to Forte
when Hungary became communist. They ventured on quite well after the
fall of the iron curtain, but now, due to the shrinking analogue
market, they closed their doors (a pity). So, there is no new Forte
material anymore. And this may be Salgado's reason: Oh yes, you can
get old fashioned films, but by rather exotic purveyors.

I this he's talking Tabular grain modern films vs cubic crystal where the latter is supposed to have better tonality although to skilled technicians the differences are minimal.

There a quite a few 'old style' emulsions around the EFKE/Adox one are still made the CHS 25 is really nice in Rodinal at higher dilution and is unchanged since 1952.
My faveourite is CHS 50 Art with is orthopan according to the guys at Fotoimpex:
Forte films are gone but were nice:

But their are plenty of similar options and indeed modern films like Acros have nice tonality with the correct development.

In the end I think Salgado is shooting digital and film for the same reasons a lot of us do, we like the speed and ease of use of digital.

I don't think workflow comes into it for Salgado as I don't imaging him spending hours in the darkroom printing, I think he would have a printer, so in essence his workflow is unchanged, he gives his flash cards to his printer/assistant just like he did with film.

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