Photokina Interview Series: Samsung - excellent work

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Simon Joinson
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Re: Photokina Interview Series: Samsung - excellent work

Jojakim wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

MirceaR wrote:

Nice job on the interview series.

I miss one question tho' and that would be:
"when are you people going to end the megapixel race and start a
'Megapixels are not that important' campaign?. Because both you and I
know that more megapixels aren't doing any good anymore in
photography and that for at least one year now, if not two, we have
more than enough megapixels in compacts and DSLRs"

Just my 2 Ec

Don't think we haven't asked that many times.....
Simon Joinson,

So what was the common answer? Marketing?

They usually blame the retailers.
Simon Joinson,

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